Cassandra Marcucci of Cassandra Photography

older sister in blue and white striped jumper holding her little sister close by while placing her hand tenderly on her arm leaning into her sisters head
black and white image of mother holding her 9 year old son close
toddler in mustard yellow swing wearing a maroon dress looking curious
mother comforting her toddler son close up with eye lashes in focus
family of three adoring their daughters wildflower treasure she is holding up for the camera
black and white image of daughter in her mothers arms at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield Massachusetts
Family of four walking in morning dewey light with shadows cascading over them. Photograph taken at Farm Pond Framingham Massachusetts
brother and sister playing with cars by the window in the morning
Mother of two under 5 holding her babies close and sniffing her youngests' temple
beautiful mother with long red hair holding her son in her arms in a field in Southborough, Massachusetts
big brother kissing his little brother close
Three Siblings at play at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield Massachusetts
family of three at sunset in Breakneck Hill Southborough Massachusetts
Bis sister whimsically positioned on bed while snuggling and kissing her newborn sister closeby
big brother tenderly touches little brothers ear. Photograph taken at Bradley Estate in Canton Massachusetts
silhouette of family of four and their dog at sunset
Mother holding her daughter close and daugher looking right at the camera with big blue eyes
girl at the edge of the ocean looking out at the sea in Marshfield Massachusetts
mother and father sitting on a blanket with their two sons draped on their lap and children smiling
family of four at sunset at the beach in marshfield, massachusetts
mother nursing her daughter

five year old boy in his mothers arms at wayland town beach in wayland massachusetts 

family of four at sunset in the lifeguard tower in marshfield massachusetts
lifestyle newborn session with newborn in king sized bed and three curious cats with their tails tall looking at the camera in arlington, virginia
family of four walking their dog at farm pond park in framingham massachusetts
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